A music video dedicated to a way of living!

Presenting to you the Empty Hands “Graduation” Music Video Animated by the Superfruit Collective ( http://collectif-superfruit.com/ )

One of the major highlights of many people who are blessed to get an education is the point of “Graduation’ or as it is often called, “Commencement”. This song and video is not necessarily meant to only speak to graduating students. Actually the concept of the song that inspired me, when I wrote it, was what does it actually mean to graduate from life, or commence life. When we learn, grow, and gain the real wisdom of being fully alive, is the actual moment we are able to truly begin living.

This song and video has had many beautiful synchronicities. As I began writing this song, I was also watching various graduation speeches on youtube. One that really inspired me was a speech by a dear brother, friend and mentor, Nipun Mehta, where he spoke to the graduating class of Harker High School. So the last verse of the “Graduation” song, are snippets of his actual live Harker Commencement Speech.

The video is a beautiful labor of love offering by a group of amazing, soulful and talented designers and animators in France called the Superfruit Collective. We just connected via the internet based on an alignment of message, purpose and style. They agreed to help out without any charge. This video has been over 2 years in the making, based on when they could find time to take out of their busy lives to work on the piece. Thank you brothers for your amazing spirit, heart and talent.

Lastly, I have been in the Philippines for the past two weeks, having done a Musical Concert called “Heal Your World” with 180 students of Metta Assumption School here in Manila. I was so inspired by their spirit, work and talent, that I asked the teachers if we could include the Girls in this song and video. They immediately agreed and we literally just recorded them 2 days ago and wallah, here they are featured in the chorus of the song in the “Graduation” video.

We hope you enjoy the video and most importantly the message being shared through it.

Here are a few of my favorite lines in the song are:
 “Be Wary of the Impact you wanna make, instead, make sure YOU are impacted each day”
“Be Grateful for all of your Gifts, for Gratitude and Suffering cannot Co-exist” – Guri Mehta
“In Giving may you fully experience what it means to receive” – Nipun Mehta


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