Planting Seeds with Children

Empty Hands Mission is to plant seeds of love and service in the heart of humanity in small ways. Well the heart of humanity is in our children - so getting a chance to spend beautiful time with our kiddos across all walks of life has been a blessing and amazing opportunity to share in the messages of kindness and gratitude. 


2016 Empty Hands Journey


2016 was a blessed journey for Empty Hands Music. Serving with souls and communities near and far, children from underprivileged backgrounds in our local slums through our work with Manav Sadhna to connecting heart to heart with love warriors in various communities: from U.S. to Europe, Africa to India. The world news may suggest otherwise, but I deeply believe and see that there is so much love and goodness being offered to the world by so many beings everyday. Thank you all for allowing me to engage in and be a small part of this everyday of my life. Thank you for your prayers, blessings and support to allow for this Empty Hands pilgrimage to continue to unfold in planting seeds of love and service in our own hearts and hopefully in the hearts of others. In the coming days we will begin our Empty Hands Pilgrimage 2017 through the U.S., Philippines, Israel and South Africa and then back to India. Love you all.

Madison, WI - Hanging with the Kindness Crew

Madison, WI - Hanging with the "Kindness Crew" at Lincoln Elementary School. Literally a group of amazing young souls that spend their recess time helping other kids. Ummm...Awesome! Thank you Lori Gustafson, you rock!

Maureen Ferry: Reflections from a 50-Mile Run

Saying I ran 50 miles is fun and hasn’t gotten old yet. :) But the lessons I learned about myself are far more powerful than the actual race itself.

My ego is powerful and hard to tame. People ask me what the hardest part was. 45? 49? No. 1-20 were absolutely the hardest. Reminding and convincing myself that I was ONLY doing this race for me and it didn’t matter that nearly everyone in the race passed me, was really hard. When I started running with 50-yr-old buddy who forced me to walk every 20 minutes, I remember wanting to ask her, “are you sure we need to walk right now?” I actually recognized the feeling inside of me of my ego creeping up when people would pass us. Taming it took a lot of strength but was really empowering.

Our minds are so powerful. Sure, my training helped. But I didn't run as much as any training plan recommended. Making the conscious decision to approach the experience positively and I realizing that I was lucky as hell to even be taking on this challenge changed everything.

I am deeply energized by giving energy to others. Naturally, I have a lot of energy. I was a cheerleader for 8 years. I can run on very little sleep. When I was teaching 7th and 9th graders, my classroom was like a fricken' fun house. It was a blast. I used to work as a “party motivator” and Teach For India Institute leader. I have a lot of energy! But the thing that makes me soar is giving energy to others.          

Learning more about myself is going to help me be better for others.

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